Nourish your skin with an advanced clinical & botanical therapeutic facial treatments


​​​Jan Marini SkinResearch       

     Anti-Aging Cell Regeneration Facial
60 Minutes ............$75            90 Minutes ...........$115
      A new concept in topical Anti-Aging facial treatment that combines 
      Glycolic Acid, Retinol, Resveratrol which is a skin rebuilding peptides with
      an un-parallel occlusion & delivery system. With un-repined green papaya, 
      the result will increase the resurfacing action without over stimulating 
      the skin.  Advanced topical agents are utilized to increase hydration, 
      reduce the appearance of fine lines &  dramatic immediate long lasting results.

    C-Esta Facial
60 Minutes............$75              90 Minutes...........$115
       Lipid -soluble Vitamin C and a unique DAE complex encourages the 
      production of collagen, repairs free radical damage and enhances facial tone.  
      This treatment provides instant firming, skin appears smoother, brighter, 
      more supple and lifted.  This treatment is excellent on addressing areas
      of facial sagging such as nasolibial folds, forehead and jawline.

Green Papaya Enzyme Facial    
60 Minutes............$75            90 Minutes............$115
 This Proteolytic Enzyme comes from an un-rippened green papaya and will effectively resurface, 
      exfoliate & refresh the skin.  These amazing enzymes will digest dead or diseased skin cells
      without harming healthy living cells.  You will see an immediate improvement on skin's texture, clarity,
 hydration and experience more refined/smoother skin.  Good for all skin types.

Jan Marini research, USA

 is a leading manufacturer of clinically validated skin care and aesthetic

      products for professionals.  Jan Marini Skin Research is known for creating breakthrough product       

      solutions and dramatic technological advancements.  Over the years, the company has 

      established a portfolio of proprietary formulas that reflects their ongoing commitment to be the

      premier developer of the skin care products that produce measurable clinical results.  

      Jan Marini Facials will benefit acne, sun-damaged skin, hyper-pigmentation,

      rosacea and scar reduction.


P C A (Physician Choice of Arizona)

$75  (60 minutes)  
Series of 3 $200.00 (pre-paid)  
Series of 5 $350.00 (pre-paid)
This gentle solution primarily for ethnic skin type as well as all other sensitive skin types and conditions.  Sensi Peel contains a blend of 12% L-lactic aci and 16% trichloroacetic acid (TCA).  Especially effective for dry, sensitive inflammation and rosacea, as redness and inflammation subside substantially after treatment. 

$75  (60 minutes)  
Series of 3 $200.00 (pre-paid) 
Series of 5 $350.00 (pre-paid)

Esthetique Peel blends are 20% L-lactic acid and 10% L-retinol cream formulated to treat aging skin, laxity, sensitive acne and hyper-pigmentation. smooth and glowing healthy skin.  

​Physician choice of Arizona, USA
 is an Advanced Skin Care Systems offers a wide range of superficial chemical peels using alpha hydroxy acids(AHAs), TCA (trichloroacetic acid), salicylic acid, resorcinol, retinol, tyrosinase inhibitors, antioxidants and polyphenols to address a wide range of skin types and conditions.  This type of active ingredients are gentle, non-invasive, non-toxic peel treatments that are suitable for all skin types and skin conditions.  

AHAs are naturally occurring acids, which means they are found in nature.  PCA favors the use of lactic acid and citric acid over other AHAs, as they are well received by the body and are moisturizing.  However, we also believe that the best results are achieved when several acids are combined synergistically to compliment one another.  AHAs work on the skin in this way:  they break the chemical bond of the glue (desmasomes) that holds the dead skin layer (stratum corneum) together.  They speed up the natural exfoliating process and enable the new, healthier cells to come to the surface, by removing dull and damaged surface layers, the result is healthier and more youthful appearance.  You may or may not experience an actual peeling, each individual is different.  A good result may still be achieved, even without the presence of visible exfoliation.  

The PCA Peel exfoliating treatment is a blend of AHAs and lighteners added to a standard Jessner's solution.  This solution will address problems of hyper-pigmentation resulting from sun damage or hormonal changes.  It will help to soften the depth of surface lines, being especially effective around the eyes and the nasolabial folds.  The drying action of the PCA Peel makes it very effective in the treatment of acne.  The treatment will give the complexion a glowing appearance with a smoother texture and more even skin tone.  The lighteners of PCA Peel are kojic acids, these chemical agents inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase that encourages the melanocyte to create new melanin.  PCA Professional Exfoliating Treatments are "skin - friendly" and easy to use.  In most cases you will see results immediately with a little downtime after the treatment.  Remember, PCA Professional Exfoliating Treatments are cosmetic and no medical claims are expressed or implied.