Nourish your skin with an advanced clinical & botanical therapeutic facial treatments


​​​Micro-Current Lifting Treatment
Micro-current delivers low level of frequencies (less than one millionth of an amp) that work in harmony with the body's electrical system.  It provides skin with the very small amounts of electrical stimulation, which causes a flex and relax response to your facial muscular tissue.  This is a gentle non-invasive response to improve skin tone & elasticity appearance on epidermal. Diminishes expression aging, redefines neck, jowls, cheek and eye areas.  Increases blood circulation, indirectly stimulates fibroblast to smoothes fine line and wrinkles.
Ideal Results:
Micro-current lifting treatment w/ oxygen infusion(90 minute) $150
Twice a week for 3 weeks =6 micro-current treatments($425)
Optional: 12 micro-currents are considered maximum before scheduling maintenance.
Maintenance Treatments:   
Depends on individual goals.  Once or twice a month is recommended to sustain cumulative results.  

Treatment Oxygen Infusion Facials 
An advanced facial treatment using therapeutic-grade oxygen and hyaluronic acid (a natural protein fluid ingredient found in the body), Vitamin A, C, D & E (anti-oxidant & anti-aging properties) to deliver active ingredients & serums deep into the skin's structural level.                          


 90 minutes .................$150 (w/ micro-current & oxygen infusion) 
This unique formulation of oxygen infusion combines collagen & elastin, 
two proteins that regenerate, rehydrate & revitalize the skin.  
Abundant in hyaluronic acid for it's excellent water binding
palmitoyl pentapeptide-4 for it's ability to stimulate the
development of collagen & elastin.  Vitamin A, C, D & E for anti-aging properties
to fight free radicals leaving the skin looking lifted, firm and smooth
while diminishing fine wrinkles and improving facial contour.  
This is the ultimate facial treatment for all skin types!!!


75 minutes............$125 (w/ micro-current & oxygen infusion)
​An oxygen infusion consists of lactic acid, vitamin A, C, D & E to encourage
the exfoliation and renewal of the epidermal layer of the skin that help 
to clear congested pores.  Contains salicylic acid for sloughing off dead skin cells surfaces 
and brighten the scars with Vitamin B2 that supports maintaining the epidermal layer.


75 minutes............$125 (w/ micro-current & oxygen infusion)
Botanical and vitamins with allantoin, silicone & licorice extract that improves
the epidermal skin tone and diminishes the appearance of hyper-pigmentation
(sun-damaged).  Another unique ingredient Nano-type B5 vitamin helps to smooth 
the fine lines and improve the tone and elasticity of the skin.